New Castle Playhouse

The New Castle Playhouse building in New Castle, PA was built in the early part of the 20th Century. The building was originally used as an auditorium for Vaudeville style productions. With the rise of the motion picture, it became a movie house called the State Theater. In the 70's it turned into a seedy theater for adult movies. It permanently closed it's doors as a movie theater in the early 80's. In 1987 the old State Theater building was purchased by the New Castle Playhouse to provide a permanent home for the theater group.

Reported Activity

A variety of paranormal phenomena have been reported here including disembodied voices, shadow figures, apparitions, and and a strong sense of uneasiness in the third floor wardrobe room.

Audio and EVP

A female voice says "hello" in this EVP from a static digital recorder in the 2nd floor control room.

A soft male voice whispers "I'm sleeping" in this EVP from a digital recorder on the 3rd floor.

A voice whispers "tell me what you think you're doing" in the 3rd floor wardrobe room.

A strange male voice whispers a long drawn out "hi" followed by what seems to be "turn him in" in the 3rd floor wardrobe room.

In this recording our experimental ITC Device called a PX Box says "air" in phonetic mode. When asked if it meant "air as in breathe?", a loud breath was recorded in answer. This breath was not heard when this recording was made.

In this recording a voice from our PX Box says "You...are...boy...Harley" in dictionary mode. The word "Harley" is not one of the words included in the internal dictionary. One of the investigators was wearing a Harley Davidson shirt.

A voice seems to whisper "That's my knife" on the static digital recorder on the third floor.


These full spectrum photographs looking into the rafters from the 3rd floor wardrobe room reveal an unexplained light anomaly. The irregular oblong shape of this ball of light precludes the possibility of it being caused by dust. Click to Enlarge


Watch for the fast moving ball of light in the lower left corner of this Infrared video from the 3rd floor of the New Castle Playhouse. This anomaly doesn't appear to be dust because of it's extreme speed and brightness.

Investigation Notes

Our initial New Castle Playhouse investigation did produce some interesting audio, visual evidence that may be paranormal in nature. Also, our investigators had a number personal experiences that cannot be explained. Two investigators were sitting on folding, metal chairs which began to vibrate. The movement was confirmed by another investigator. Also, four investigators saw small, visible lights that quickly appeared and dissapeared on a backstage wall that did not show up on our IR cameras. The amount of evidence documented, however, precludes confirmation of definite paranormal activity at this time.


Additional research is required for us to accurately determine whether or not spiritual activity does in fact reside within the building.

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