Oak Park Manor

This historic home, located at the south entrance to Oak Park Cemetery in New Castle, PA, was built around 1895. It was once the caretaker's home, a funeral home, as well as the cemetery office. Oak Park Cemetery opened in the mid 1890's, and features a lot of old stones and large family mausoleums. The cemetery's massive granite mausoleum, containing approximately 400 interments, opened in 1916.

Reported Activity

Reported paranormal activity consists of audio/evp and visual phenomena reported by another paranormal investigation team.

Audio and EVP

A voice seems to respond after an investigator asks of asks what year it is on the first floor.

"What are you asking for?" - Here's the answering whisper amplified and modified to remove noise. We think it says "What are you asking for?"

"Carl" - A male voice calls for "Carl" on the first floor.

"Come on in now" - A male voice whispers "come on in now" on the second floor.

"I want to" - A voice whispers what sounds like "I want to" amidst the noises in this recording from the second floor.

"Just you wait" - In this recording from the second floor, a song like voice seems to say "just you wait".

"Oh, you worthless kids" - An odd sounding voice says "oh, you worthless kids" on the second floor.

"Help" - Our PX box, an ITC Device, says "help" in phonetic mode in the attic.

"Why am I still here?" - The PX says a complete phrase that sounds like "why am I still here?" in phonetic mode in another recording from the attic.


In this infrared video from the dining room, what at first appears to be a ball of dust splits into seperate objects and back to a single object multiple times.

Investigation Notes

Among the more well-known people buried in Oak Park Cemetery are Joseph B. Chambers (1833-1908), an Eastbrook native who was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at Petersburg, Virginia during the Civil War, and Mount Jackson native Thomas W. Phillips (1825-1912), oil man, college president, and a U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania.


Although our initial Oak Park Manor investigation did produce some interesting phenomenon and personal experiences that may be paranormal in nature, the evidence documented precludes confirmation of definite paranormal activity at this time.

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