Hill View Manor

Hill View Manor is a three floor, 63,000 square foot abandoned nursing home facility. Hill View Manor was built in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor Farm. Behind it is the county pauper cemetery, containing mostly unmarked graves of indigents and no names. It became a nursing home in 1977, and closed it’s doors in 2004.

Reported Activity

Hill View Manor is a true hot spot for paranormal activity including a full spectrum of paranormal phenomenon: Disembodied voices, objects moving, apparitions, shadow figures, noises, and cold spots.

Audio and EVP

"Get Out"

"Dance into the night. Have fun with us."

"Daddy" - Right before the investigator speaks what seems to be the voice of a little boy says daddy.

"No, No, No" - Our sensitive felt that a spirit wanted the investigators to go to a particular room, an investigator decided to stop at the nurses’ station and a voice says “no no no”.

"Ready for Some Fun" - A whispered voice repeats the investigator twice. Also, a loud breath not heard at the time was captured at the end of this recording.

"Boy Singing?" - A voice that sounds like a little boy see singing. The words are indistinguishable.

"James...Light...Battery" - According to previous reports, a spirit named James often mentions for batteries on the third floor. Our PX Box seems to confirm this.

"Get out, get out" - A female voice says what may be "get out, get out."

"Let her go."


A fast moving ball of light appears in this IR video near the door at the end of a hall on the second floor of Hill View Manor.

Investigation Notes

Although investigators had no personal experiences, some solid evidence was documented. An interesting photo seeming to show an apparition was taken in the activity room. An instance of EMF activity was observed in the same room with a spike 4.8 for no reason. During an extensive visit of the third floor, convincing evidence was gathered. Our PX Box produced some interesting results in a location near the Marble Room. Several class A EVPs were also recorded on the third floor.


During the coarse of this investigation, the 24:00 Projekt Team documented some convincing physical evidence. Taking a comprehensive look at the evidence gathered at Hill View and the historical facts and information, the 24:00 Projekt believes that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location.

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