Beaver Creek State Park/Conkle Farm

On October 22, 1934 Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd was on the run when he showed up at the Conkle Farm. Mrs. Conkle fed him, then her brother agreed to give him a ride to the bus station. They didn't get very far. Two cars with FBI agents pulled in and Floyd made a run for a nearby forest. Shots rang out and Floyd fell to the ground. He was dead in 15 minutes. The Conkle Farm is now part of Beaver Creek State Park in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Reported Activity

Pretty Boy Floyd's ghost is supposedly very talkative. Excellent EVP activity has been reported at the site. Floyd was a brutal murderer and a gangster and his ghost is reported to be very nasty.

Audio and EVP

"I'm Choctaw" - At first we had no idea what this meant. After some research, we found that Floyd had the nickname Choctaw or Choc as a youth. He was called that because he drank Choctaw Beer.

"I'm Choctaw" - The above recording amplified and slowed down.

"Is that your light? Turn it back on."

Investigation Notes

Pretty Boy Floyd is indeed very talkative and not all that nasty. Investigators visited the area at dusk. At first there were quite a few people there. A group uses the field to fly radio control aircraft. After they left, the investigators performed a few sessions in different spots around the field. As the sun went completely down, the investigators felt drawn to a particular area and captured the EVP's presented above.


Based on the evp evidence gathered and the historical facts, the 24:00 Projekt believes that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location and that the spirit of "Pretty Boy" Floyd is quite possibly responsible. The 24:00 Projekt plans on performing further investigation in the future to substantiate this possibility.

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