Paranormal Investigation Approach and Process

The 24:00 Projekt Team utilizes proven scientific and quantitative research methods to establish a high degree of accuracy and authenticity.

  1. Initial Interview - If your request for an investigation is accepted; an initial interview is conducted via phone and/or email with you detailing the paranormal activity experienced. Documentation of these activities (pictures, sound or video recordings, details of physical evidence etc.) will be requested if available. This will help determine what activity could be taking place and to help plan the investigation.
  2. Initial Review - After the initial interview, the information gathered will be reviewed by the 24:00 Projekt Team. If we determine a full paranormal investigation is warranted we will contact you again to arrange a time for the investigation. The 24:00 Projekt reserves the right to decline, cancel or abort an investigation at any time for any reason.
  3. Investigation Preparation - The 24:00 Projekt will bring the latest investigative equipment including cameras, video and audio recorders, electronic sensors, and lighting. When the team arrives we will review the area in detail, inquire about any particulary active areas, then assemble our equipment.
  4. The Investigation - In most cases our paranormal investigation will be performed at night and in lights out conditions. The investigation itself will usually run several hours depending on the size of the location. At the conclusion of our thorough investigation, the 24:00 Projekt Team will dismantle our equipment and depart as quietly as possible.
  5. Evidence Review and Analysis - The 24:00 Projekt Team will review and analyze the evidence gathered during the investigation. We hold ourselves to a very high standard for paranormal evidence. We scrutinize the evidence we collect very carefully and critically. This process can take anywhere from several days to a week or more. During the review and analysis we may contact you with additional questions or for clarification.
  6. Presentation of Results - When we have concluded our review and analysis, the 24:00 Projekt will contact you to arrange a time to meet where the results of the investigation can be presented. Any photographs, video, audio, sensor readings and personal experiences gathered during the investigation that may show paranormal activity will be presented to you. A written report with our findings and conclusions will also be provided to you.

What have we found? Our detailed reports contain only legitimate pictures, videos, and evps from our investigations.

Note: We are located in western Pennsylvania and usually limit our area of investigation to within a few hours drive.